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Rodent Boarding

We aim to have our rodent friends in the main Bunnery. Depending on the temperature outside we may bring them into the house to live with us for their stay. Feel free to request this at the time of booking if you prefer. We will need you to bring your pet to us in his/her own house, which is clean please.

We will make sure your pets house is nice and clean throughout their stay and will be cleaned out if needed. If we clean out their house we will provide the bedding for this. Please bring your pets normal pellet food for the duration of their stay. We will give them some tasty treats, veggies, seeds and nuts depending on what pet you have.

We love small furries so any excuse to handle and play with them will be welcome. If you have an exercise ball please bring that along. We will aim to have your pet out of his/her house everyday for some stimulation and exercise. This exercise will offered in a secure space where there is no chance of escape!

Please read the Terms and Conditions which can be found at the bottom of the web page.