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Guinea Pig Boarding

Our piggy friends also have access to the main Bunnery with the choice of the 6ft or the 5ft hutches. We also have another cosy two level hutch set up in our secondary Bunnery next door.

We provide all bedding and they will be cleaned out everyday to keep them happy and healthy. A litter tray can be provided for our more house trained piggies.

We will provide daily veggies for your piggies and give them snacks as a delicious treat. We only ask that you provide enough of their pellet food to last the duration of their stay.

We know guinea pigs are shy so we will stuff their houses with hay to make them comfortable and so they can hide away if they want to. All our guests will have access to our 6ft runs in the garden so they can graze on fresh grass. Again a small house will be provided in the run so they are able to hide away if they want to. We aim to have your pets outside as much as possible.

In the event of terrible weather we will still have your pet out for exercise in the main Bunnery. They can have a run around the hotel and stretch their legs. Your piggy will be handled and cuddled as much or as little as they like. They will be checked daily for any signs of illness.

Please read the Terms and Conditions which can be found at the bottom of the web page.