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Chicken Boarding

We provide boarding facilities for your pet chicken whilst you are away on holiday. The perfect retreat for your chickens in and around Faversham, Canterbury and Sittingbourne.

Our Omlet Eglu hen house is ideal for your small flocks, it’ll comfortably accommodate 3 large or 4 smaller ladies. The set up has a fox proof grill running along the base of the run.

Your girls will allowed to have access to the run all day and will be locked in the coop at night for their safety.

We supply the food for your hens which includes mixed corn and layers pellets. Fresh veggies and treats will also be supplied.

The coop has roosting bars and a nesting box which will have soft bedding for your girls to lay their eggs in comfort. The chicken run will have things to peck at and a perch as well as a dirt box for those dust baths!

We have our own girls at The Bunnery that free roam in the garden. A small fence will be separating your flock from ours as much as possible.

Please read the Terms and Conditions which can be found at the bottom of the web page.